User Roles

Here we explain what Team Members, Contributors, Location Managers, Admins and the Account Owner has permission to access and do.

Team Member

A Team Member is the default user permission and most likely the role the majority of your team has.

A Team Member can complete checklists, attach equipment to checklists, and create and respond to actions. A Team Member cannot create or edit templates or add/ edit items of equipment.

A Team Member account will be free forever.


A Contributor is a paid account that can create and edit checklists and equipment, and be assigned an Admin or Location Manager role.

A Location Manager has a few extra permissions to manage users at their location, such as sending invitations and suspending Team Member accounts.

An Admin can do and see pretty much everything, whereas everyone else is limited to the locations that they have been assigned to.

Account Owner

Finally, there's only one account owner, the person that created the account, and they're the only account that can edit subscription details.

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