Adding Team Members

How to send and accept invitations to join your company account and verify your email.

Sending an invitation

To send an invitation to join your company account you need to be the account owner, admin or assigned as the manager of a location.

To invite an employee head to, click "Invite Employee" and enter their email and the location they should be assigned to.

All new users will be assigned the role of "Employee", which is a free account that allows the user to complete checklists that are shared with them or the locations they're assigned to.

Accepting an invitation

Most employees won't need to spend much time on the desktop application and instead will want to get straight into the app.

In the invitation email, click the link to download and join Risk Memo. This will download the app and then take them to a page to accept the invitation. The only way to accept an invitation on the app is via the link in the email.

An alternative is to accept the invitation on the desktop app and for that there's a separate link in the same email, but the process is the same.

Email verification

During the onboarding process, our user authentication service will send a verification email. Click the link in that email and you're done. There's a link to re-send that email on the desktop app.

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