Checklist & Data Syncing

If your checklist isn't opening, or you see an old version, or they haven't shared correctly, you may need to sync. Here's how.

The Risk Memo app will work offline by default, automatically syncing data in the background. Now and then, however, usually when the internet is briefly interrupted, checklists fail to upload and download completely. In these cases, you may need to sync manually. Here's how:

First, connect to the best internet connection available, preferably a strong wifi connection and without a VPN.

From the dashboard, tap the menu icon.

Tap "Manage Data"

Tap the sync icon:

It may take a little while to fully sync, depending on how many checklists there are to download.

With a good internet connection and sufficient device memory, this will sync all checklist templates, active checklists and equipment and people data.

If this hasn't resolved the problem, don't hesitate to contact us via the chat widget.

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