Search Tags

What are equipment and checklist search tags?

What is a search tag?

We use tags to search and segment checklists and equipment. Some tags are added automatically, like the author name of a checklist, but the rest are added by you.

Use tags to segment your data

When you filter a list of checklists or equipment by one or multiple tags, we'll only show you records that match all tags.

For example, zip line activity company Flying Fox segments their PPE data by adding the search tag "Spare" or "In use".

Below we can see by searching "the forest" (the location name) and "spare", they can get an inventory of the PPE that matches this search, as well as the quantities of each item.

You can also filter this list further by switching through the status, to see, for example, how many spare items at The Forest have a Time-critical issue.

Checklist tags

We use the same system for searching checklists. There are a few different ways a tag can end up on a checklist.

We will automatically add the template name and author name. You can also add tags via;

  • Default template tags - whilst designing a template you can define tags that should be added to every template.
  • Tag responses - you can set text and multiple choice questions to automatically tag the response of the checklist user.
  • Adding equipment - adding an item, or items, of equipment to a checklist automatically adds the items' unique identifier as a tag.

In the example below the response "Passed" or "Failed" will be added as a tag to the checklist.

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