Checklist Question Types

Here we go through all the different types of Risk Memo Checklist questions.

First, the three main types of questions that will make up the majority of your checklists.

  1. The main three


The user has the image of a green check mark, orange flag or red exclamation point (!) in a triangle.

Select from options

The user can select an option defined by the template designer, for example, "Good", "Okay" and "Bad", or "Pass" "Fail" etc.

This question type also has a few other tricks up its sleeves. You can allow the user to select more than one option as well as tag the response.

Tagging a response

Selecting "Tag Response" on Select and Text questions will add the selected option or text input as a tag to the checklist.

A tag is a keyword or phrase that you can search and organise checklists by.

  1. Text Input

With this question type the user can enter text and can also tag the response.

Top tip: If you gather unique info, such as an email address, tag the response to easily find the checklist later by searching for the email as a tag.

  1. Equipment and People

Next, we have the two question types that are unique to Risk Memo.


Adding an equipment question to a checklist allows the user to attach equipment records to a checklist, which will add the checklist to the item's history.

The user will be able to add one or multiple items of equipment, as well as view and edit the item's details and status (if they have permission to).


People questions work exactly the same as equipment questions, except the user can attach one or multiple Team Members to the checklist. This is ideal for employee training and assessment records, for example.

As with equipment, the checklist will be attached to the user's profile.

Last, but not least

Finally, we have the specific data type questions.

  1. Date & Time

You guessed it, a date and/or time input

  1. Image/s

For the user to take a live image or add from their gallery. On all images, either added here on an image question or as part of a question's notes, the user can annotate on an image i.e. add drawings with their finger, text and shapes etc.

The user will need to allow access to the device camera and/or photo gallery.

  1. Location

Add the user's location using a Google Maps API. In the checklist report, this will add a link to open the location in Google Maps, as well as the longitude and latitude.

Note: If the location shows a series of numbers and letters, e.g. 7W7H+5F5, this is a Google Maps unique code for the location that can be copied and pasted into Google Maps, or converted into any other type of map reference.

The user will need to allow access to the device location services.

  1. Signature

The user can add one or multiple names and signatures. A signature is added by the user drawing it with their finger.

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