AI Template Generator

How to use the world's first (we think) AI-powered checklist template generator.

Create Risk Memo checklist templates from a form or instructions using our generator, powered by one of the world's most advanced Artificial Intelligence systems, OpenAI.

First, we'll explain how to convert a form or list of questions. To learn how to generate a checklist from instructions, head to the last section of this tutorial.

Generate from a form

Step 1: Copy your form or questions text

You can add text from any source that you can copy and paste, for example, a pdf, word doc or website, simply highlight the text, copy (Ctrl + C), and paste (Ctrl + V).

In the example below we found a free-to-use accident report pdf online and then copied the text.

In our text input, don't worry that it's lost the layout. However, what will help is removing any text that isn't a question or form input. For example, we're going to remove the Note at the top of the form.

After that, click generate.

Step 2: Generate and edit

The generator can handle a form around 2 pages in length, if you've exceeded this length, edit out some text and try again.

It will take around 10-20 seconds to generate the template. Whilst the generator is in beta, the generator will sometimes fail, if that's the case, try again. This will improve as we gather data to help train the AI, but more on that later.

Once the template is generated you are able to make some quick edits to correct any mistakes. Click the pen icon and you'll be able to change the question type and edit the question. Remember, once you save the template, you won't be able to change the question type.

This is what it looks like when you edit a question:

Step 3: Save the Template

Before you click "Save & Edit", we need your help. If the generator did a good job in creating the checklist, and after you've corrected any mistakes, click "Good Job" to let us know.

We have enough examples, we'll use only the good and corrected templates as training data to improve the AI response.

That's it! Click "Save & Edit" and we'll add the Template to your Templates and take you to the template Builder where you can edit the template further and share it with your team.

Generate from instructions

With the power of AI we can generate checklists from some simple instructions instead of text from a form.

To do this, we need:

  • A Checklist Title
  • A short description that includes Page and Section Titles

The only constraint is we need to provide at least one Page and Section Title, and to do this we enclose Page Titles with % signs and Section Titles with $ signs. For example:

Checklist Title:

Vehicle Safety Checklist


A weekly checklist to ensure that all the safety features of a vehicle are present and functioning correctly, with one page for %Inspection Details% that includes $Driver Details$ and $Vehicle Details$, and a second page for the %Inspection% that includes $Interior Checks$, $Exterior Checks$ and $Engine Checks$

You can test this out by copying the text above and pasting it into the instructions. This will create something like this:

Pro tip: The more detailed and concise the instructions, the better the response. You can also ask the AI to include specific questions, for example:

"In $Harness Checks$ include checks for harness webbing, buckles, belay loop and padding."

We haven't provided the AI with any training data yet, so the results can be a little hit-and-miss; however, it often creates a good starting point and it'll improve as we add training data with your help.

As above with generating from a form, after you have edited out any mistakes, click "Good Job" to add the template to the AI's training data.

That's it! Save the template and edit as usual.

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