Checklists: Title Page and Sharing

In this video tutorial, we demonstrate the first page of a checklist and demonstrate how to share checklists with others.


In this short video we explain:

  • How to add the "Conducted for" location address to a checklist, which can be either one of your locations or an "outside organisation".
  • Sharing and collaboration - how to add checklist collaborators, and share completed checklists with your team and via email.

Video transcript:

Hi guys. Alistair here from Risk Memo. In this video, I'm going to do a quick demonstration of the title page of a checklist. Here we have the example checklist that everyone gets when they sign up.

At the top there, you can see the current date and time and the author, that's me. That author's name will change depending on whose account it is. So if it's Johnny's account, you'll see Johnny's name.

Next, we have "conducted for". You can select from one of your locations, or you can add a third-party location if you're doing the check for someone else. So let's have a look at that. Here you can see you can add an organisation's name and then their address.

I, however, I'm going to add my one location.

Next, we have collaboration and sharing.

"Collaborate with" means who you would like to edit this checklist before it is marked as complete. So, who would you like to work with on this checklist? Next, who would you like to share the completed checklists with? And then finally "share via email" is a little bit different, because that's not sharing it with your team inside Risk Memo, that's sharing with a third party outside of Risk Memo, where they will be able to open this checklist in a browser and download a PDF.

So that is checklist sharing.

As always, if you have any questions, head over to the chat widget. In the app or on a desktop.

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