PPE Inspection

In this article, we walk you through our Personal Protective Equipment Checklist Template.


An effective Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) inspection regime, and in this case fall protection PPE, is a safety critical task of any individual or business that operates at height, for example, adventure ropes courses or industrial ropes access professionals. Equally important is keeping a record of these inspections.

Keeping a record of an individual's PPE can be managed by paper forms or spreadsheets, but if you're managing tens or hundreds of items, a digitised system is definitely worth considering.

Our Batch PPE Inspection checklist template is designed for this very purpose. Take a look at the tutorial video to find out more about this checklist template, or keep on reading below.

Risk Memo

First, a quick recap of the features of Risk Memo that are utilised in this checklist template. Our app has two core modules;

  • Checklists - design and build your own digital checklists
  • Equipment - keep a log of any asset and record its history

These two modules integrate seamlessly with each other to allow you to create any checklist you need and attach one or multiple items of equipment to them. Once an item of equipment is attached, the checklist will be logged to the item's history forever.

Checklist Contents

  1. Inspection Checklists

This template is organised into two parts, 1) the details of the inspection that has been carried out, and 2) a register of the items of equipment that have been inspected.

To get you started we have included inspection checklists for the most common items of PPE that this template is intended for, such as harnesses, ropes and connectors etc, but we recommend that this section be edited to suit your PPE inventory.

To give you an idea of these checks, for the harness section the template asks the user to respond with "Checked" to the following:

  • Condition of the straps
  • Condition of the tie-in points and belay loop
  • Condition and functionality of the adjustment buckles
  • Condition of the comport parts

Pro tip: If you have common areas of wear and tear, add instructions and images to the checklist to remind your inspectors to pay special attention to those parts.

  1. Failed and Noteworthy Inspections

The next section of the checklist is to highlight any notable inspections, for example, items that have failed their inspection. We do this using a repeating section - a section of the checklist that can be repeated for each failed or noteworthy inspection.

In this section, we ask the inspector to provide more details, such as a description of the issue and/or evidence images. We also prompt the user to create an action if there is further action required by themselves or a team member.

  1. Inspection Register

The last page is a register of the items that have been inspected. To keep this list easy to read, yet still capable of containing tens or even hundreds of items, we've created a repeating section to add batches of PPE, for example, all the harnesses, then ropes, lanyards, etc.

With the Risk Memo system, the inspector is able to view, filter and edit these items with the checklist itself, as well as perform bulk equipment status updates.

Want to use this Checklist Template?

First, you will need a Risk Memo account, then head to the Template Library and click copy. That's it! Once it's copied to your account you can edit it to suit your business.

If you need any help getting set up, click the chat widget here or in the app to contact support.

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